You have just come to us in the parking lot in Milan. What might be useful to know?

Which is the criterion for the pricing of parking in the garage?
The more time you park the less you pay the residence time .
The policy applies to all types of parking: hourly parking during a day, more nights parking, monthly and annual parking. The discounting of parking in the short term, is calculated from a formula automatically on completion.

Is it possible to enter and exit freely from the garage with the vehicle?
Yes, you can enter and exit from the garage without losing the reservation, paying in advance for the period of required parking.

Is it possible to charge my electric vehicle in the garage?
Yes, in the garage we have four charging station with where it possible recharge a passing vehicle. One charging station with plug Schuko 10A (2,2kWh) and watt-counter and three wall-box with plug Mennekes 16A (3,5kWh) type2 and watt-counter. For annual customers, on request, it is planned to install a personal counter.

Which is the pricing policy of charging my electric or hybrid-plugin vehicle?
Electricity it is sold at a few tens of cents per kWh to which is added a tiny quota for connection-deconnection and centesimal rounding to the euro.

The garage is located in a restricted traffic area?
The garage is within the so-called 'Area B'. Very polluting old vehicles (Euro5 diesel) cannot circulate within this area, except for special exceptions. The garage is instead outside of 'Area C', the limited traffic toll zone (ZTL).

How far is the center of the city from the garage?
Only 25 minutes by bus or 35 minutes walk . Reach the center of Milan on foot is recommended because it runs through a park and other pleasant pedestrian zones monumental and museum.

How to get there, on foot, from the garage to the city center?
From the garage, looking out of the nearby Corso Sempione is possible to see a view of the Peace Arch. By walking in the direction of the Arch, you will meet in succession, the Peace Arch, the Sempione Park, the Sforzesco Castle and finally, straight for Dante street, the Dome. The Dome is about 3 km from the garage.